Global Data Sources global-data-sources


Global data sources are accessible by all Audience Manager customers and contain device advertising IDs generated by device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Roku, and Android device manufacturers. These IDs are made available by manufacturers for advertising purposes. Audience Manager customers can use global data sources to synchronize device IDs and import or export data keyed off of those mappings.

The following table describes the global data sources supported by Audience Manager.

Data Source ID
Google Advertising ID - GAID IDs represent devices that run the Android operating system.
Apple ID For Advertising - IDFA IDs represent devices that run the iOS operating system.
Roku ID for Advertising - RIDA IDs represent Roku streaming devices.
Microsoft Advertising ID - MAID IDs represent devices running the Windows 10 operating system.
Samsung Tizen IDs for Advertising - TIFA IDs represent Samsung smart TVs.
Amazon Fire TV Advertising IDs represent devices running Amazon Fire OS
LG webOS TV ID - LGUDID represent devices running the LG webOS operating system.
Vizio ID for Advertising - IFA represent devices running Vizio smart TV operating systems.

Importing Data from Global Data Sources

You can import device IDs from global data sources through both real-time data transfer and batch data transfer.

When sending data to Audience Manager using a global device ID, make sure to use the corresponding data source for the device ID in question. Example: to import data for Apple IDFA, use the data source ID 20915.


On devices running iOS and Android operating systems, only native applications can retrieve and use device advertising IDs (DAIDs). Web applications running in mobile browsers do not have access to device advertising IDs.

Global Device ID Validation

Audience Manager validates the device advertising IDs (DAID) imported by customers, based on their format, to ensure they match the standard format outlined by device manufacturers. See Index of IDs in Audience Manager for a detailed mapping of device advertising IDs to global data sources and the proper format for each ID. Make sure you are importing device IDs in the correct format, based on the device type. Audience Manager rejects device IDs that do not meet the proper format and returns an error message to indicate the ID was rejected.

Device ID Expiration Policy

Audience Manager automatically discards device advertising IDs after 120 days of inactivity, similar to AAM UUIDs.

Requesting New Global Data Sources

To request new global data sources to be added to Audience Manager, contact Adobe Consulting or Adobe Customer Care and provide detailed information about the required data sources:

  • The name of the requested platform (e.g., Apple IDFA);
  • The name of the company/organization that manages the platform (e.g., Apple Inc.);
  • Links to the technical specifications for the device advertising ID namespace (e.g., AdSupport Documentation).