Audience Manager user migration to Admin Console user-migration

Overview overview

Audience Manager user account management is moving to the Adobe Admin Console, for a more streamlined experience across your Adobe solutions.

The benefits of using the Admin Console include:

Single sign-on across solutions
Audience Manager users can sign in to Experience Cloud and all other solutions using their Adobe ID or Enterprise ID. This sign-in enables access to integrated solutions and core services across Experience Cloud. After the migration, users who attempt to sign in via legacy logins ( will be redirected to
Manage users and groups
Once the migration is complete, Audience Manager administrators will manage users and groups exclusively in the Admin Console.
Manage products and services

From the Admin Console, administrators can:

  • Create, update, and remove users
  • Grant access to solutions and services

To facilitate user migration, we are asking all Audience Manager administrators to start migrating their user accounts to Adobe Admin Console as soon as possible, by following the steps described in this article.

What users need to do what-to-do-users

As an Audience Manager user, all you need to do is contact your Audience Manager administrator and ask them to create a new user account for you in Admin Console.

What administrators need to do what-to-do-admins

Audience Manager administrators should follow the steps below to migrate users to Admin Console.

  1. Go to and log in using your Adobe ID or Enterprise ID. If you don’t have access to the Admin Console, contact Customer Care or your Adobe consultant.
  2. Check the Adobe Admin Console help guide for detailed instructions on how to create and manage user accounts.
  3. Create new user accounts for all your existing Audience Manager users.
  4. Inform your users about the newly created user accounts. Once users are migrated to Admin Console, they should stop using legacy logins.

User migration considerations considerations

Both users and administrators should keep in mind the following considerations for Audience Manager user migration:

  • Once new user accounts are created in Admin Console, their existing permissions from their legacy user accounts will still apply.
  • Updates to user permissions will still be managed from Audience Manager. The Admin Console only covers user and group management.
  • Administrators do not need to disable legacy user accounts. Old user accounts will automatically be merged into the migrated ones.