Filter Search Results filter-search-results

Filter the results of a signal search based on the signal type.

  1. Go to Audience Data > Signals > Search and run a Signals Search with the desired key-value pairs, or a broader search, using the filters.

  2. Use the Filter by Signal Type section to filter your results based on the following categories:

    • Actionable log files: signals received through Google DCM log files;
    • Adobe Analytics: signals received from your Adobe Analytics account. Use the Filter by report suites drop-down menu to select the report suite to show signals from.
    • General online data: real-time data generated by your visitors and not included in actionable log files and Adobe Analytics;
    • Onboarded records: data received through batch data transfers. Use the Filter by data source drop-down menu to select the data source to show signals from.
  3. Optionally, you can Save Search Criteria for future use.