Flash DIL flash-dil

Beginning in July 2023, Adobe has discontinued the development of the Data Integration Library (DIL) and the DIL extension.
Existing customers can continue using their DIL implementation. However, Adobe will not be developing DIL beyond this point. Customers are encouraged to evaluate Experience Platform Web SDK for their long term data collection strategy.
Customers looking to implement new data collection integrations after July 2023 should use Experience Platform Web SDK instead.

Collect data sent from FLA files to Analytics and work with that information in Audience Manager.

Flash DIL is an ActionScript code library that lets you work with video playback data in Audience Manager. Flash DIL works by capturing SWF content the Adobe AppMeasurement library passes in to Analytics. Flash DIL sends that data to the separate DIL JavaScript data collection module, which passes that information to Audience Manager. Analytics data ( Props, eVars, events, etc.) captured from the FLA file is available in Audience Manager as traits or unused signals.

Requirements for Flash DIL Data Collection requirements

General implementation and code-related requirements.

Implementation Requirements

Flash data collection requires:

  • The DIL class library ( dil.swc). Obtain the DIL class library from your Partner Solutions contact.

  • JavaScript DIL data collection code on the page.

  • DIL ActionScript library loaded in the Flash object you want to collect data from.

  • Adobe AppMeasurement AS library (version 3.5.2, or later) loaded the Flash object you want to collect data from.

Set AllowScriptAccess to Always or sameDomain

The AllowScriptAccess in HTML code that loads a SWF file controls the ability to perform outbound URL access from within the SWF file. When you configure a Flash DIL data integration, make sure the Flash AllowScriptAccess parameter is set to always or sameDomain. Flash DIL data collection will not work if AllowScriptAccess is set to never. See Control Access to Scripts or Host Web Page.

JS DIL Code Placement

Try to place the JS DIL data collection module on the page so it loads before the FLA file. When the FLA file loads first, before DIL data collection is ready, you can miss the initial data signals that Flash DIL sends to that module. However, once instantiated, the DIL data collection module will capture all subsequent SWF file data passed in by Flash DIL.

Data Collected by Flash DIL data-collected

Flash DIL captures page view, link tracking, media tracking, and other media view events from the Adobe AppMeasurement library.

Page View Events

Unless specified otherwise by s.trackVars, Flash DIL collects the following data from Adobe AppMeasurement:

  • pageName
  • channel
  • campaign
  • products
  • events
  • prop1 - prop75
  • eVar1 - eVar75

Link Tracking Events

Unless specified otherwise by s.linkTrackVars, Flash DIL collects the following data from Adobe AppMeasurement:

  • pe (Type of track link called)
  • pev1 (Link URL)
  • pev2(Link text)

Media Tracking Events

Unless specified otherwise by s.Media.trackVars, Flash DIL collects all the data enumerated in the Page View Events section.

Other Data Points

Data from these parameters is collected by default:

  • mediaName (Media/video element name)
  • mediaAdName (Ad name)
  • mediaAdParentName (Name of the primary media content the ad is nested under)
  • mediaAdParentPod (The pod or ad break within the primary content where the ad plays)
  • mediaAdParentPodPos (The numeric position within the pod where the ad plays. More than one ad can play within a pod.

Flash DIL Data in Audience Manager flash-dil-data

The Flash DIL module turns Adobe AppMeasurement data into Audience Manager traits and unused signals.

Analytics Props, eVars, and events work like traits in Audience Manager. Traits are key-value pairs and are used to build segments. For example, in an Analytics prop like c30=foo, c30 is the key (a constant) and foo is the value (a variable).

Match Audience Manager Traits to Analytics Variables

To use the Analytics data passed by Flash DIL, you should create Audience Manager traits that have the key value prefixed with c_.

See the table for examples:

Analytics Data Element
Analytics Example
As Audience Manager Trait

DIL/Analytics Data as Unused Signals

Audience Manager accepts Analytics Props, eVars, and events even without a corresponding trait. In this case, the data is unavailable for trait creation and appears in the Unused Signals report instead. To make the most of this information, create Audience Manager traits that match the Analytics data passed in by the Flash DIL library.

Flash DIL ActionScript Library flash-dil-actionscript

Code for your Flash object to send Analytics data to Audience Manager.

  • For each Flash object, the code supports one partner instance ( d.partner) only.

  • Requires the Adobe AppMeasurement AS library version 3.5.2 or higher.

import com.omniture.AppMeasurement; // Omit this line if it already exists in the code
import com.adobe.am.DIL;

var s:AppMeasurement = new AppMeasurement(); // Omit this line if it already exists in the code
var d:DIL = new DIL();
d.partner = "<partner>";// Partner name
d.containerNSID = <container NSID>; // Optional, defaults to 0