DCS Event Call APIs dcs-event-call-apis

Event calls send information to the DCS in a URL string. In a typical Audience Manager deployment, customers use our JavaScript data collection code (DIL) to send data to the DCS. However, sometimes customers cannot put our JavaScript code on their pages. If company policies or other technical issues prevent you from placing our JavaScript code on your pages, you can still work with Audience Manager to send and return data from DCS with these event call APIs.

Getting Started dcs-getting-started

This section contains information and related reference that shows you how to:

  • Make calls to the DCS.
  • Receive data from the DCS.
  • Format data elements in your calls.
  • Understand the parameters returned by the DCS.

To get started, see the sections below. Start with Send Data to the DCS. After that, move on to Receive Data From the DCS.