Destinations Home Page destinations-home

The Destination landing page lists all of your URL, cookie, and server-to-server destinations. It provides features that let you create, edit, search for, and report on destinations. The landing page is located in Audience Data > Destinations.

Default Landing Page default-landing-page

The default landing page lists your destinations, based on type. You can filter the destinations by using the four available tabs:

  • All: shows all types of destinations.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud: shows destinations which send data to other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Currently, the only supported option is Adobe Analytics. See Configure an Analytics Destination.
  • Integrated Platforms: shows people-based and device-based destinations (also named server-to-server destinations).
  • Custom: shows cookie and URL destinations.

Addressable Audiences Landing Page audiences-landing-page

To see audience data and match rates for your server-to-server destination, select Integrated Platforms > Device-Based.

For more information about the displayed information, see Addressable Audiences Interface.