Destination Builder destination-builder

Destination Builder lets you create cookie-based or URL destinations. You cannot create server-to-server (S2S) destinations with Destination Builder, but you can manage their segment mappings. Contact your consultant to set up a S2S destination. Destination Builder is located in Audience Data > Destinations.

Destination Builder Settings destination-builder-settings

Destination Builder consists of the following sections and settings:

Destination Builder Section
Basic Information
Used to name the destination, describe it, and select destination type (URL or cookie), and platform (all, Android, browser, or iOS).

Includes controls for:

  • Passing in key-value data to URL destinations. You can send data as individual or serialized key-value pairs. For details see, Destination Serialization and Standard and Serial Key-Value Pairs.
  • Elements of a cookie destination such as cookie name, domain, size, expiration interval, data format, etc.
Segment Mappings

Lets you:

  • Search for, add, and manage segments associated with all destination types.
  • Set delivery priorities on individual segments (for cookie-based segments only).

Data Delivery Methods data-delivery-methods

Send information to a destination by passing it in through a URL string, by writing to a browser cookie, or through offline server-to-server data transfers.

  • URL and cookie-based destinations transmit data synchronously, as a user takes action on a page.
  • Server-to-server data transmission is asynchronous and can occur long after a user has left the page. The delivery type you select depends on your business requirements and how a particular data partner wants to, or can, receive data.

See How to Choose a Destination Type for more information.