Troubleshooting Tips for Bulk Management Tools troubleshooting-tips-for-bulk-management-tools

What to do when the worksheets return an error or your bulk request fails.

The Bulk Management Tools are not an officially supported Adobe offering. Troubleshooting and support through Customer Care will be handled on a case by case basis.
RBAC group permissions assigned in the Audience Manager UI are honored in the Bulk Management Tools.

Factors like heavy network traffic, server usage, and large data sets can cause a bulk request to fail or time out. If there is an issue, the worksheet stops writing data and displays an error message. When this happens, you should:

  • Read the error message.
  • Fix the problem.
  • Delete all the rows that have been already updated.
  • Try the bulk request again.

Authentication errors, long delays, or unresponsive behavior delays-behavior

The following table lists some common problems you may encounter when making bulk requests with the worksheets. Try to fix these issues with the recommended solutions. If the recommended solutions do not resolve the problem, you should save your work, restart your computer, and try the request again without launching or working with other applications.

Authentication error
Update to latest version of Microsoft Excel: When a new version of Microsoft Excel is released and you are using an older version, you might encounter an authentication error in the Bulk Management worksheet. Update to the latest version of Microsoft Excel to resolve the authentication error.
Long delays
  • Turn off compatibility mode: Check if you have other worksheets open in Microsoft Excel's compatibility mode. Compatibility mode can increase runtimes. Close any spreadsheets you may have open in this mode and try your bulk request again.
  • System resources: Limited system resources contribute to long delays. Try closing all your other programs before making a bulk request.
No response

If you click on an action button and nothing happens:

  • Make sure you have the right set of headers for the selection action.
  • Make sure you're using the right worksheet for the copied headers.
  • Check the position of the data you want to use in a bulk operation. All headers start in column A, row 1. All data goes in corresponding headers starting in column A, row 2 (immediately below the headers).

Error Messages

Sometimes, you can receive error messages when making bulk changes. To interpret the error message, see Response Codes Defined in our API documentation.