DCS APIs for Server-to-Server Data Transfers dcs-apis-for-server-to-server-data-transfers

Server-to-server (S2S) APIs provide code and methods that let you send and receive DCS user data and work with this information in your own systems or applications.

Common Use Cases common-use-cases

Server-to-server transfers can help you customize landing pages or other interactions based on visitor interests. Some common use cases include:

  • On-site personalization: Tailor a visitor’s experience on your site by dynamically adding relevant content and calls to action based on the segments they belong to.
  • Improve customer service: Import Audience Manager segments into a CRM or other system through a server-to-server data transfer. This data can provide call service or on-line chat operators with relevant, personalized information about a customer.

Requirements: User IDs and Regional Server Names requirements

The DCS API requires user IDs and region IDs to validate and make data requests.

  • The user ID is required because you need to associate data with a particular visitor.
  • The region ID is required to tie calls back to a server name and because user data is stored in data centers that are geographically closest to site visitors.

Getting Started getting-started

Currently, this guide covers how to:

  • Get the user and region IDs from the DCS files you may already receive as an Audience Manager customer.

  • Get the user and region IDs if you use the Visitor ID Service.

  • Make calls to the DCS after you have the user and region ID.

We’ll add new methods as they become available. Refer to the following sections to get started.