Platform Architecture: Data Flow Map platform-architecture-data-flow-map

This map contains the major Audience Manager systems. It visually represents how data flows into, out of, and among Audience Manager components.

How to read this map compmap

In the map, the gray box contains Audience Manager systems. Some components are completely internal and others sit on the boundary between Audience Manager and the outside world. As an Audience Manager customer, internal components are often transparent or inaccessible. However, sometimes you may engage with these systems through the user interface or data integrations. Systems on the edge of the box collect and send data between Audience Manager and the outside world.

Colors define the type of data that flows in and out of Audience Manager. Green is client data, blue is customer data (people visiting your site), and orange is data used for reporting.

For system descriptions and summaries see the data action, collection, processing, and tag management sections.