If There’s a Problem problem

Customer Care is prepared to help you solve any issues that might arise. Provide as much of this information as you can when contacting Customer Care. This will help the team understand and resolve your issue.

Basic Information basic-information

For technical issues or to log a bug, contact Customer Care.

  • Telephone: 1-800-497-0335

    For toll-free numbers outside the United States, see our regional Customer Care contact numbers site. When asked to select an option for your product, press 4 to contact the Audience Manager team.

  • Email: amsupport@adobe.com

Please have the following information ready before contacting us.

Problem Summary
Provide a brief, descriptive summary of the problem.
Account Information

Provide your:

  • Company name.
  • Audience Manager sub-domain (if known). The sub-domain is the URL of the domain that sends data collection events to Adobe (e.g., https://myCompany.demdex.net).
Steps to Reproduce
Include as much detail as possible, including any URLs needed to duplicate the problem as well as the expected result. Your description should contain enough detail that somebody unfamiliar with Audience Manager should be able to follow your steps or procedures and reproduce the problem.
Assign a priority to this issue. The priority range is from P1 (most important) to P4 (least important).
Business Impact
Describe how this issue affects your business. For example, is this issue causing revenue loss or rendering the product unusable? Have you been working around this issue?
What do you expect to happen?

In Case of an Outage outage

If you suspect there is an outage, first check the Experience Cloud System Status page ( https://status.adobe.com) This has a record of all outages, incidents and maintenance for Experience Cloud Solutions, including Audience Manager, and includes latest updates from our Tech Ops team. If you still require assistance, please ensure you know the following in addition to the information listed above when you contact Customer Care:

  • Time outage started
  • Explanation of what is occurring
  • Scope
  • Expectation of resolution (ETA, severity, and so on)