Reporting FAQ reporting-faq

How can I create new reports? how-can-i-create-new-reports-

In addition to built-in reports, Adobe Campaign lets you generate reports in various contexts and to meet different needs.

Adobe Campaign is not a specialized reporting tool: reports created in Adobe Campaign mainly enable you to view aggregated data.

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How can I design and share statistic reports on populations? how-can-i-design-and-share-statistic-reports-on-populations-

Adobe Campaign descriptive analysis reports allow you to design and share statistic reports on your populations, explore a newsletter audience, or create a report on the population of a workflow transition. You can also, for example, analyze the reactivity rate of newsletter recipients.

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How can I design advanced reports on my data? how-can-i-design-advanced-reports-on-my-data-

With Campaign Classic, you can create advanced reports. As an expert user, you will be able to build update and distribute custom reports on your data.

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What is a cube and how to create such a report? what-is-a-cube-and-how-to-create-such-a-report-

You can extend the database exploration and analysis capacities while making it easier for final users to configure reports and tables: all they need to do is select an existing (fully configured) cube when creating their report or table to process calculations, measures and statistics.

Once they have been created and configured, cubes are used in report query boxes and Web applications. They can be used and manipulated within pivot tables.

Learn how to explore your data with cubes.

Can I create a report from answers to an online survey? can-i-create-a-report-from-answers-to-an-online-survey-

Read out this use case to learn how to design a report to display answers to an online survey.

How can I share access to my report in Campaign interface? how-can-i-share-access-to-my-report

You can define in which context your report will be displayed in the Adobe Campaign UI. For more on report access, refer to this section.