Schema of an existing table schema-of-an-existing-table

Overview overview

When the application needs to access the data of an existing table, an SQL view, or data from a remote database, create its schema in Adobe Campaign with the following data:

  • Name of table: enter the name of the table (with its alias when a dblink is used) with the “sqltable” attribute,
  • schema key: reference the reconciliation field(s),
  • indexes: used to generate queries,
  • The fields and their location in the XML structure: fill in only the fields used in the application,
  • links: if there are joins with the other tables of the base.

Implementation implementation

To create the corresponding schema, apply the following stages:

  1. Edit the Administration>Configuration>Data schemas node of the Adobe Campaign tree and click New .

  2. Select the Access data from an existing table or an SQL view option and click Next .

  3. Choose the table or the existing view:

  4. Adapt the schema content to suit your needs.

    The schema must be populated with the view=“true” attribute on the <srcSchema> root element in order not to generate a table creation SQL script.

Example :

<srcSchema name="recipient" namespace="cus" view="true">
  <element name="recipient" sqltable="dbsrv.recipient">
    <key name="email">
      <keyfield xpath="@email"/>
    <attribute name="email" type="string" length="80" sqlname="email"/>

Accessing an external database accessing-an-external-database

The Federated Data Access - FDA option give you access to the data stored in an external database.

The configuration to be carried on the schemas to access data in an external database is detailed in this page.