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Key steps to create a report key-steps-to-create-a-report

To produce statistics on the data in your Campaign database, you can create reports and adapt their content and layout based on your needs. These reports can be shared with other operators.

Only advanced users are authorized to create these reports.

To create, publish and deliver an analysis report on your data, apply the following steps:

  1. Create a new report: refer to Create a new report,
  2. Collect the data to analyze: refer to Collect data to analyze and Use the context,
  3. Define the content of the report with the activities and their containers: refer to Create a table, Creating a chart and Element layout,
  4. Configure the display options: display type, shared reports: refer to Report display context, Define a conditional content and Configure access to the report,
  5. Publish the report (publication wizard): refer to Publish the report,
  6. Convert the report: export, history, display in a browser: refer to Actions on reports.