Manage profiles managing-profiles

Recipient tree recipient-tree

To access the advanced recipient management functionalities, you need to edit the Adobe Campaign tree. To do this, click the Explorer button in the toolbar.

By default, recipients are stored in the Profiles and targets node of the Adobe Campaign tree. From the same node, you can create one or more folders and sub-folders to store recipient profiles.

Each node coincides with a folder. The data from each folder must be considered to be partitioned from each other. This means that the management of doubles will be trickier for multiple recipient folders.

To display the list of all recipients in the database, you must create a view. Learn more in Folders and views.

Move recipients moving-recipients

You can select one or more recipients, drag them from the recipient list, and drop them in the desired folder. A warning message asks you to confirm this action.

Copy a recipient copying-a-recipient

You can copy a recipient in the same folder by right-clicking the desired recipient and selecting Copy.

Delete recipients deleting-recipients

To delete recipients, move them to a specific folder and then purge the content of this folder. It is strongly recommended not to use the Delete option in this case.

To purge a folder, use the Actions > Purge folder menu, accessed by right-clicking the desired folder.

Click Start to launch the operation. The middle section of the window displays the progress status, as shown below: