method element method--element

Content model content-model-10

method:==( help | parameters)

Attributes attributes-10

  • @_operation (string)
  • @access (string)
  • @const (boolean)
  • @hidden (boolean)
  • @label (string)
  • @library (string)
  • @name (MNTOKEN)
  • @pkonly (boolean)
  • @static (boolean)

Parents parents-10

<methods> , <interface />

Children children-10

  • <help>
  • <parameters>

Description description-10

This element lets you define a SOAP method.

Use and context of use use-and-context-of-use-7

SOAP methods enable application processes.

The “@library” is necessary for declaring a new method (non-native): the namespace and the name used for the library are independent from the namespace and name of the schema where the declaration is.

Attribute description attribute-description-10

  • access (string): this attribute defines access control for using the method. If this attribute is missing, identification is mandatory. Available values are: ‘anonymous’, ‘admin’ and ‘sql’.
  • const (boolean): if it is activated, this attribute means that the declared method will alter the entity
  • label (string): label of the method.
  • library (string): this method isn’t native to the application. This attribute takes the value of the method library where the method definition is found (nms:mylibrary.js).
  • name (MNTOKEN): unique method name.
  • static (boolean): if this attribute is activated, the method is considered to be autonomous, all parameters must be specified to the method when it is called up.

Examples examples-7

Definition of the “Subscribe” out of the box method:

<method name="Subscribe" static="true">
      <help>Creation of update of a recipient's subscription to an information service</help>
        <param desc="Name of the information service(s) (separated with commas)"
               name="serviceName" type="string"/>
        <param desc="Recipient to subscribe and possibly create" name="recipient"
        <param desc="Create the recipient if they don't exist" name="create" type="boolean"/>