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Create and identify the delivery create-and-identify-the-delivery

Create the delivery creating-the-delivery

You can create a delivery via the overview or via the Create > Delivery menu.

To create a delivery, click Create above the list of deliveries. When you create a new delivery, you must indicate the delivery channel used. To do this, select the appropriate delivery template from the drop-down list in the Delivery template field.

A default template is provided for each channel you have installed: direct mail, email, fax, telephone, mobile channel (SMS), Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), etc.

The channels offered in the list depend on your license agreement.

You can create new delivery templates in order to pre-configure specific parameters to suit your needs. For further information about templates, refer to this section.

Identify the delivery identifying-the-delivery

You need to complete parameters to identify the delivery. To do this:

  1. Enter a name for the delivery in the Label field.

    A delivery code can also be assigned to the delivery. The name of the delivery and its code appear in the list of deliveries but cannot be seen by the recipients.

  2. Add a description in the Description field.

  3. Select the delivery nature in the relevant field. This information is useful for delivery tracking: you can filter based on this criterion in the delivery list or build queries using this selection criterion.

  4. Click Continue to confirm this information and display the message configuration window.

The delivery content is ready to be configured. Delivery content definition is specific to each channel. For more on this, refer to the dedicated section: