Configure access to Sybase IQ configure-access-to-sybase-iq

Use Campaign Federated Data Access (FDA) option to process information stored in an external databases. Follow the steps below to configure access to Sybase IQ.

  1. Configure Sybase IQ database
  2. Configure the Sybase IQ external account in Campaign

Sybase IQ configuration configuring-sybase

Connecting to a Sybase IQ external database in FDA requires additional configurations below on the Adobe Campaign server.

Before starting, make sure the unixodbc package is on the server.
  1. Install iq_odbc. An error can occur at the end of the installation. This error can be ignored.

  2. Install iq_client_common. A Java error can occur at the end of the installation. This error can be ignored.

  3. Configure the ODBC driver. The configuration can be carried out in the standard files: /etc/odbc.ini for general parameters and /etc/odbcinst.ini for declaring drivers:

    • /etc/odbc.ini (replace values like <server_alias> characters by your own):

      code language-none
      [ODBC Data Sources]
    • /etc/odbcinst.ini

      code language-none
      SAP SybaseIQ=Installed
      [SAP SybaseIQ]
  4. Add the path for the new library in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. To do that:

    • If you are using a file to declare your path: add the path /opt/sybase/IQ-16_0/lib64 for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.
    • Otherwise, use a Unix command.

Sybase IQ external account sybase-external

The Sybase IQ external account allows you to connect your Campaign instance to your Sybase IQ external database.

  1. From Campaign Explorer, click Administration ‘>’ Platform ‘>’ External accounts.

  2. Click New and select External database as Type.

  3. To configure the Sybase IQ external account, you must specify:

    • Type: ODBC (Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ)

    • Server: Corresponds to the ODBC connection (<server_alias>) defined in step 5. Not necessarily the name of the server itself.

    • Account: Name of the user

    • Password: User account password

    • Database: Name of the database

For Windows, you must install the Sybase IQ client on the Adobe Campaign server and create an ODBC connection. Make sure you create a system data source when the Adobe Campaign server (nlserver) is running as a service in Windows.