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Get started with permissions access-management

Starting Campaign Classic v7.3.1, all operators should use Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) to connect to Campaign.
As part of the effort to reinforce security and authentication process, Adobe Campaign highly recommends to migrate all existing operators authentication mode from the login/password native authentication to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS). Learn how to migrate your operators in this page.
After this migration, note that the following section no longer apply. Learn how to set up permissions with Adobe IMS in Campaign v8 documentation.

Adobe Campaign lets you define and manage the rights assigned to the various operators. These are a set of rights and restrictions that authorize or deny:

  • Access to certain functionalities (via the named rights),
  • Access to certain records,
  • Creation, modification and/or deletion of records (actions, contacts, campaigns, groups, etc.).

The permissions apply to operator profiles or operator groups.

They are completed by safety parameters linked to the operator’s connection mode to Adobe Campaign. For more about security zones in this page.

There are two types of permissions you can grant to a user:

  • You can define groups of operators to which you attribute rights, then associate the operators with one or more groups. This enables you to reuse rights and make operator profiles more consistent. It also facilitates the management and maintenance of profiles. Group creation and management are presented in this section.

  • You can attribute named rights directly to users, in some cases to overload the rights allocated via groups. These rights are presented in this page.

Before starting defining permissions, Adobe recommends you to read the Security configuration checklist.

Learn how to grant access and set up permissions in these sections:

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