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AB testing: Create a targeting workflow step-1--creating-a-targeting-workflow

You need to create your workflow in the Targeting and Workflows tab of a campaign. It is made up of a Query activity, a Split activity linked to two Email delivery activities, a Wait activity, a JavaScript code activity, and a Delivery activity.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, create a campaign (for more on this, refer to this section).

  2. Go to the Targeting and Workflows tab.

  3. Change the label of the existing workflow or click Add to create a new one (for more on this, refer to this section).

  4. Use the mouse to drag and drop activities into the workflow diagram, including a Query (Target tab), a Split (Target tab), two Email deliveries (Deliveries tab), a Wait activity (Flow Control tab), a JavaScript code activity (Actions tab), and a Delivery activity (Actions tab).

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