Launch Adobe Campaign launching-adobe-campaign

Campaign Client console is a rich client which enables you to connect to your Campaign application server(s). Learn how to download and configure the client console in this page.

Check your system and tools compatibility with Adobe Campaign Client Console in the Compatibility matrix

Start Adobe Campaign starting-adobe-campaign

You can start Adobe Campaign by selecting Start / All Programs / Adobe Campaign v.X / Adobe Campaign client console.

The client console connection window lets you select or configure existing databases and connect to them using a user name and password:

Connect to Adobe Campaign connecting-to-adobe-campaign

You can connect to Adobe Campaign using your Adobe ID. For more on this, refer to this page.

You can also connect with a dedicated login/password:

  1. Enter the operator account identifier in the Login field.

    Your identifier is given by the administrator of your Adobe Campaign platform.

  2. Enter your password in the Password field.

    The first time you access the database, your password is the one given to you by the administrator. Once you are connected, you can change your password via the Tools > Change password… menu. Details on operators and connections are available in Access management.

  3. Click LOG IN to confirm.

You can now access Adobe Campaign workspace.

Some keyboard shortcuts are available on the Sign in screen:

  • All actionable items are selectable through the Tab key (top to bottom) or the Tab + Shift keys (bottom to top).
  • To launch connection, you can also press the Enter key.
  • You can use the Escape key to reset the Login and Password fields to the last successful connection values.

Set up connections setting-up-connections

You can access the server connection settings via the link above the input zone.

In the Connections window, click Add > Connection.

You must then define the connection settings. To do this:

  1. Enter a Label to assign a name to your database connection.

  2. Add the address of the application server in the URL field. If you do not know the connection URL, contact the administrator.

  3. Check Connect with an Adobe ID for the operators to connect to the console using their Adobe ID. For more on this, refer to this page.

  4. Click OK to validate.

Operators and permissions operators-and-permissions

The identifiers and passwords of operators with access to the software and their respective permissions are defined by your Adobe Campaign system administrator in the Administration > Access management > Operators node of the Adobe Campaign tree.

This functionality is detailed in the Access management section.

Disconnect from Adobe Campaign disconnecting-from-adobe-campaign

To disconnect from Adobe Campaign, use the first icon in the icon bar.

You can also close the application without logging off first.

Get your Adobe Campaign version getting-your-campaign-version

The Help > About… menu lets you access the following information:

  • version number for Campaign client console and application server
  • build number for Campaign client console and application server
  • a link to contact Adobe Customer Care
  • links to Adobe Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookies Policy

Whenever you reach out to Adobe Customer Care team, you need to provide the version number and build number of your Adobe Campaign client console and application server.

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