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Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade to a new build? how to monitor workflow execution? what is the database cleanup workflow?.. Read out top 10 questions.

Campaign Control Panel control-panel


What is Control Panel?

Campaign Control Panel helps you increase efficiency in your work as a product admin of Campaign Classic, by allowing you to manage settings and track usages for each of your instances.
Click here for more information.

Control Panel is accessible to all Admin users. The steps to grant Admin access to a user are detailed in this section.
Note that your instance must be hosted on AWS and upgraded with the latest GA build. Learn how to check your version in this section. To check if your instance is hosted on AWS, follow the steps detailed in this page.

How to access Control Panel?

The Control Panel is available directly from Adobe Experience Cloud. It is accessible to Admin users only. Click here for more information.

Control Panel FAQ

Click here to access Campaign Control Panel FAQ.

SFTP management

In the Control Panel, you can interact with all SFTP servers that are connected to Campaign instances that you have access to. You can monitor their storage capacity, manage IP addresses on the allowlist, and public SSH keys. Click here for more information.

Subdomains and certificates

You can monitor your subdomains and their certificates. Learn more in these pages:

Instance settings

Learn how to manage your Campaign Classic instances settings in the Control Panel. Learn more in these pages:

Request for help support


The new ticketing system has been launched through Adobe Admin Console. The new system requires new individual accounts for each user, with correct permissions. If you find that you can’t log in with your Adobe ID, request access via the Experience League, and the Customer Care team will get you set up as soon as possible. Learn more

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Join Campaign Classic Community: search for answers in existing question or ask your question to the community. Join the conversation.

Access Campaign Download Center

As a Campaign Administrator, browse to this page to access the Experience Cloud Software Distribution.

Create a ticket or start a chat

Creating a case allows you to contact the Adobe Customer Support Team about any issues that you face with your Adobe products. To help resolve or troubleshoot your issues, the Adobe Admin Console will allow you to chat with Adobe Customer Support.

To log an issue or start a chat session in that new system, connect to Adobe Admin Console. Follow the detailed procedure described in this page.