Release updates rn-overview

Adobe Campaign Classic periodically releases product updates which bring new capabilities, bug fixes, and improve performance, security, and usability. These updates are released as product builds. Detailed information about each new build is available in the Release notes.

Release statuses rn-statuses

Every new build comes with a status which is identified by a color in the Release notes.

[General Availability]{class="badge positive"}
Latest stable build, validated in production, and recommended by Adobe.
[Limited Availability]{class="badge neutral"}
On-demand deployment only.
[Release Candidate]{class="badge informative"}
Latest build with new capabilities.
[No longer available]{class="badge yellow"}
No deployment. No bug fix. Update to a newer build is recommended.
[Deprecated]{class="badge negative"}
No deployment. No bug fix. Existing implementations must be upgraded.

Release cycle rn-cycle

Adobe Campaign is regularly updated. This regular frequency of updates aims at getting the latest and greatest in your hands, keeping your environment secure and improving your experience with our product.

This is the reason why it is critical that you run the most recent stable build of Adobe Campaign. It also ensures that you get a better support experience as identifying, reproducing and fixing an issue on a recent build is usually much faster. Also, many issues you may encounter have already been fixed in most recent builds.

As a hosted customer, you automatically benefit from the upgrade with the latest stable build without any action. Learn more in the Yearly Upgrade section. If you migrate from an old build, Adobe recommends that you upgrade to this build first.

Recommendations recommendations

To ensure a stable configuration, Adobe recommends that you install the same build on all servers that are running on the same client configuration.

In addition, except mentioned otherwise in the Release notes, the client console must be on the same build as the server instance.

To keep your implementation up-to-date, make sure to read out the Deprecated and removed features and Compatibility matrix pages with each new release.

Process to upgrade process-upgrade

As a hosted, Managed Services or Hybrid customer, reach out to Adobe Customer Care to have your environment upgraded.

As an on-premise customer, you can perform the upgrade. To do this, download the latest stable build (GA) and upgrade all your environments.

Learn more on the upgrade process, and in the build upgrade FAQ.

Yearly upgrade yearly-upgrade

Adobe is committed to providing you with the best experience and value through our software solutions. The organization is committed to ensuring that you have access to the most current versions of related technology that our solutions use to perform its tasks.

Adobe Campaign Classic, specifically, uses a range of technology to deliver value. This combination of technologies requires you to upgrade your Campaign Classic instance(s) regularly, to ensure the most up-to-date versions are being used to deliver superior security, stability, and performance.

As a hosted user, you automatically benefit from the upgrade with the latest GA build without any action. Learn more in the FAQs below.

Why does my organization need this upgrade?

As a hosted customer, if your account has been identified as needing to upgrade one or more of the technologies related to Campaign Classic, and upgrading your infrastructure to the current build (for example from v7.2.1 to v7.3.3) and/or version (for example from v7 to v8), Adobe directly notifies you.

As an on-premise or hybrid customer running on an older build, Adobe encourages you to move to the latest stable build (GA).

This ensures that your account is secure from vulnerabilities, as well as using updated performance technology. This upgrade also positions your account for easier, regular upgrades going forward that requires less manual work and intervention.

What is the process and timeline for this upgrade?

The Adobe team is here to lead and guide your organization through this journey.

A team of dedicated Customer Care Representativess, Product Managers, Engineers and TechOps Specialists, and Product Consultants is here to assist and ensure the experience is smooth.



Improved Security

  • A combination of technologies used to power Adobe Campaign Classic work together to deliver value.
  • All your instances must be updated to ensure security.
  • Security needs constant focus and proactive maintenance.
  • Security risks are omnipresent & cannot be ignored: every upgrade for Campaign Classic improves security.


Improved support

  • Most of the critical issues are actually resolved with upgrades and can be avoided.
  • Regular upgrades help reduce faced challenges and increase efficiency by eliminating these challenges.
  • Customer Care volume is reduced, allowing for speedier resolutions and more attention to your issues that are not related to upgrades.


Enhanced maintenance and stability

  • Over time, the Adobe Campaign team identifies ways to improve the stability and performance of the product, as well as fix known issues.
  • Upgrading brings your instance up-to-date with these improvements and eliminates common challenges seen by organizations that are experiencing rapid growth and/or complexity within their Campaign Classic instances.
  • Improvements across the technology stack powering Campaign Classic are felt across both marketing and IT teams of your organization.

Build Upgrade

Easier upgrades

  • Effort and complexity of upgrading your Campaign Classic instance increases with the distance between 2 versions.
  • The longer your organization waits, the more complex the upgrade (and the more vulnerabilities you are exposed to).
  • Regular updates reduce downtime to upgrade and the risk of regression.

Additional resources support

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