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Get started with delivery monitoring about-delivery-monitoring

Monitoring your deliveries after they have been sent is a key step to ensure your marketing campaigns are efficient and reach out to your customers.

In this section, you will learn more about the information you can monitor after sending a delivery, as well as understand how delivery failures and quarantines are managed.

Monitor your deliveries

The list of deliveries allows you to see all created deliveries into one single location.

For each delivery, a dedicated dashboard is available. It allows you to monitor eventual issues encountered during the sending as well as various types of information regarding the delivery: reports, mirror pages, exclusions, tracking logs, rendering, etc.

Secure delivery performances

Several guidelines should be followed in order to ensure your deliveries perform well. Common issues you may encounter when sending deliveries are also available to help you send deliveries efficiently.

Understand delivery failures

When a message cannot be sent to a profile, the remote server automatically sends an error message, which is picked up by the Adobe Campaign platform and qualified to determine whether or not the email address or phone number should be quarantined.

Understanding delivery failures is a key step to help you improve your marketing campaigns.

Understand quarantine management

Adobe Campaign manages a list of quarantined addresses. Recipients whose address is quarantined are excluded by default during delivery analysis, and will not be targeted.

In this section, you will find information on how to identify and manage quarantined addresses, and learn more about the conditions for sending an address to quarantine.