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Import and export data using workflows import-export-workflows

Collecting data collecting-data-workflows

Workflows can be a useful way to automate some of your import processes. Whether you import data from a local file or from a SFTP, you can use workflows to standardize your data management procedures.

Use data from a list: Read list using-data-from-a-list--read-list

The data sent in a workflow can come from lists whereby the data has been prepared and structured beforehand.

This list may have been directly created in Adobe Campaign or imported by the Import a list option. For more on this option, refer to this page.

For more on using the read list activity in a workflow, refer to this page.

Load data from a file loading-data-from-a-file

The data processed in a workflow can be extracted from a structured file so that it can be imported into Adobe Campaign.

A description of the loading data activity can be found in the Data loading (file) section.

Example of structured file to import:


Once data has been collected you can use it in your workflows, for example to enrich a delivery or update the database. For more on this, refer to this page.

Export data exporting-data-via-a-workflow

Workflows can be a useful way to automate some of your export processes or to export precise sets of data after using some of the available data management activities available to transform your data.

Export operations are performed using a Data extraction (file) activity. For more on how to configure and use the activity, refer to this page.