Delivery execution delivery-execution

Transactional message sending transactional-message-send

On the execution instance, once the enrichment stage is complete and a delivery template has been linked to the event, the delivery is sent.

The MTA prioritizes processing the transactional messages over any other delivery.

All deliveries are grouped in the Administration > Production > Message Center > Default > Deliveries folder.

By default, they are sorted into sub-folders by delivery month. This sort can be changed in the message template properties as shown below.

For hosted or hybrid installations, if you have upgraded to the Enhanced MTA, all transactional messages may also be sent with the Adobe Campaign Enhanced MTA for improved deliverability, throughput, and bounce handling. All impacts are the same as for standard marketing messages.

Transactional message monitoring transactional-message-monitoring

To monitor your transactional messages, check the delivery logs.

The transactional deliveries sent from the execution instance are synchronized back to the control instance through a technical workflow (Message Center execution instance) that runs every hour.

The deliveries weekly accumulate the events based on the latest event update, and not on the event creation date. Therefore, when extracting transactional messaging delivery logs from the control instance, the delivery ID associated with each delivery log ID may change over time as the log is updated (for example, when an inbound bounce is received for the event).

To monitor the activity and running of the execution instance(s), see Transactional messaging reports.