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Hypothesis tracking hypothesis-tracking

The result of hypothesis calculations is available at various levels of the Adobe Campaign platform: indicators calculated by hypotheses and the target populations reactions are visible via the actual hypothesis, as well as in the hypotheses reports available via campaigns and deliveries.

Hypothesis results hypothesis-results

Indicators indicators

Once the hypothesis has been calculated, several measurement indicators are updated automatically. These are available in the General tab of the hypothesis.

These indicators are:

  • Number of respondent contacts: number of contacted individuals who match the hypothesis.
  • Contacted response rate: number of respondent contacts / total people contacted during the delivery.
  • Number of respondent control group contacts: number of control groups that match the hypothesis.
  • Response rate of the control group: number of respondent control groups / total number of delivery control groups.
  • Number of reactions: number of records in the table which contains the relationship between individuals, the hypothesis and the transaction table.

For the full list of indicators, click the Display the list link:

The following information is provided by the indicators:

  • Total revenue of population contacted: total amounts over the number of individuals contacted.
  • Total revenue of the control group: total amounts over the number of control groups.
  • Average revenue per contact: total amounts / contacted.
  • Average revenue of control group: total amounts / control group.
  • Total margin per contact: total margin over contacted.
  • Total margin of control group: total margin over control group.
  • Average margin per contact: total margin / contacted.
  • Average margin of control groups: total margins / control group.
  • Additional revenue: (Average revenue of contacted-Average revenue of control group)*Number of contacted
  • Additional margin: (Average margin of contacted-Average margin of control group) / number of contacted
  • Average cost per contact: calculated delivery cost / Number of contacts.
  • ROI: calculated cost of the delivery / Total margin per contact
  • Effective ROI: calculated delivery cost / Additional margin.
  • Significance: contains values 0 to 3 depending on campaign significance.

Reactions reactions

You can view recipients’ reactions to the hypotheses via the Reactions tab.

  1. Once hypothesis calculation is complete, go to the Campaign management > Measurement hypotheses node of the Adobe Campaign tree.

  2. Select the desired hypothesis and click the Reactions tab to view the list of recipients likely to purchase something following the marketing campaign.

Reports reports

The Hypothesis report lets you view the results of the hypotheses performed on campaigns and deliveries. This report contains the indicators calculated by the hypothesis (for more on this, refer to Indicators).

  • At campaign level: click the Reports link of the relevant campaign and select the Hypothesis report. This report contains the list of campaign deliveries and the hypotheses calculated for each delivery.

  • At delivery level: to access the report, open the concerned delivery, click the Reports in the Summary tab and select the Hypothesis report. If several hypotheses were calculated for the same delivery, the report will contain all hypotheses.