Creating offer categories creating-offer-categories

The creation of offer categories can only take place in the Design environment. They are deployed automatically in the Live environment (i.e. made available) when the created/modified offer(s) they contain are approved. By default, the Design environment contains a category to receive all offers. Sub-categories can be created to add hierarchy to the catalog offers.

For each category, you can define eligibility dates, i.e. a period beyond which the offers contained in the category may no longer be presented to their target. If you want the offers from a specific category to be selected as a priority by the offer engine, to better expose a product for example, you can increase their weights for a given period by adding a multiplying weight to the category.

To create an additional category, apply the following steps:

  1. Go to the Offer catalog folder.

  2. Right click and select Create a new “Offer category” folder from the drop-down list.

  3. Re-name the category. You can edit the label later using the General tab.

    note note
    Repeat these steps to create as many categories as necessary.

    Thereafter, as needed you can:

    • Assign eligibility dates from the Eligibility tab.

    • Enter key words that may be used to select offers from within this category, using the Themes field.

      note note
      When calling up the offer engine, only the part of the catalog in which the themes or categories match the parameters is selected.
    • Temporarily “boost” the offer weight of a category for a given period via the Multiplier weight field.

A recap of the eligibility rules is available on the dashboard of the offers included in the category. To view them, click the Schedule and eligibility rules of the offer link.