enumeration element enumeration--element

Content model content-model-5

enumeration:==(help| value)

Attributes attributes-5

  • @basetype (string)
  • @default (string)
  • @desc (string)
  • @label (string)
  • @name (string)
  • @template (string)

Parents parents-5


Children children-5

  • <help>
  • <value>

Description description-5

This element enables us to define a value enumeration. An enumeration belongs to the schema which it is defined in, but it is accessible via another schema.

Use and context of use use-and-context-of-use-4

Enumerations are defined at the start of a schema (before the main element is defined).

Attribute description attribute-description-5

  • basetype (string): type of the values stored in the enumeration.

    List of available types:

    • ANY
    • bin
    • blob
    • boolean
    • byte
    • CDATA
    • datetime
    • datetimetz
    • datetimenotz
    • date
    • DOMDocument
    • DOMElement
    • double
    • enum
    • float
    • html
    • int64
    • link
    • long
    • memo
    • percent
    • primarykey
    • short
    • string
    • time
    • timespan
    • uuid
  • default (string): Default value. The default value may also be one of the values defined in the enumeration.

  • desc (string): enumeration description.

  • label (string): enumeration label.

  • name (string): internal name of the enumeration.

  • template (string): this attribute defines a reference to an <enumeration> element shared by several schemas. The definition is automatically copied into the current schema.

Examples examples-4

Example of enumeration values whose values are stored in the database:

    <enumeration name="myEnum">
       <value name="One" value="1"/>
       <value name="Two" value="2"/>

    <element label="Sample" name="Sample">
       <attribute dbEnum="myEnum" length="100" name="Number" required="true" type="string"/>

Definition of an enumeration with a default value:

 <enumeration basetype="byte" default="email" name="canal">
    <value label="Email" name="email" value="0"/>
    <value label="Téléphone" name="phone" value="1"/>
    <value label="Call Center" name="callcenter" value="2"/>