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IMS troubleshooting ims-troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting tips will help on-premise and hybrid customers solve the most common problems happening when using the IMS integration. For hosted customers, please contact Adobe.

External Account

There should only be one external account with the following settings:

  • Internal Name: Adobe_Marketing_Cloud
  • Type: Adobe Marketing Cloud

Delete any duplicate external account that have same the same settings.

Product Context

If the external account has a Product Context field, check that its value is set to: dma_campaign_classic

Make sure your product context is the same for Campaign and Experience Cloud.

For example, if the Product Context does not appear, the default product context should be dma_campaign in both Campaign and Experience Cloud. If the Product Context field appears, the default product context should be dma_campaign_classic in both Campaign and Experience Cloud.

IMS Server URL

In the Campaign Adobe Marketing Cloud external account, check that the IMS Server URL is either adobeid-na1.services.adobe.com or ims-na1.adobelogin.com. Make sure both stage and production instances point to the same IMS production end point.

Association Mask

  • Check that the user trying to login is part of an operator group in the Enterprise Dashboard.
  • Check that the Association Mask is a prefix of the user’s operator group name in the Enterprise Dashboard.
  • Make sure there are no white spaces and spelling mistakes.
  • Check that the names of the operator groups in Campaign have not been changed and respect the following syntax:
<Association Mask> + <Operator Group Name in Campaign> = Complete name of the operator group in Enterprise Dashboard


Scopes defined in the Campaign external account must be a subset of those provisioned by IMS.

Callback URL

The Callback URL should be added to the allowlist and start with “https://”. Check that the Callback URL is linked to the corresponding instance. For example, the production instance should redirect to the production URL.

Client ID and secret

The client ID matches between the Campaign external account and the one provisioned by IMS.

Check that the client secret entered is correct.

Restart the server

Restart the server if any changes are made to the above settings in the Campaign external account

Common types of errors and possible solutions

  • User is redirected to adobe.com page:

    There is a problem with the Callback URL. Refer to the previous steps to check the Callback URL configuration.

  • Message “Login does not have any right matching the expression”:

    Refer to the previous steps to check the Association Mask and operator groups configuration.

  • The user is unable to access the Adobe ID login page:

    Refer to the previous steps to check the scope configuration.