param element param--element

Content model content-model-12


Attributes attributes-12

  • @_operation (string)
  • @desc (string)
  • @enum (string)
  • @inout (string)
  • @label (string)
  • @localizable (string)
  • @name (MNTOKEN)
  • @namespace (MNTOKEN)
  • @type (string)

Parents parents-12


Children children-12


Description description-12

This element lets you define a parameter for calling up a SOAP method.

Attribute description attribute-description-12

  • desc (string): description which concerns the <param> element.

  • inout (string): this attribute defines whether or not the parameter is at the input (in) or output (out) of the SOAP call. If this attribute isn’t specified, the default parameter is input (“@inout=in”).

  • label (string): <param> label

  • localizable (string): if it is activated, this attribute tells the collection tool to recover the value of the “@label” attribute for translation (internal use).

  • name (MNTOKEN): internal name of the <param>

  • type (string): this attribute defines the type of <param> element

    List of available types:

    • ANY
    • bin
    • blob
    • boolean
    • byte
    • CDATA
    • datetime
    • datetimetz
    • datetimenotz
    • date
    • DOMDocument
    • DOMElement
    • double
    • enum
    • float
    • html
    • int64
    • link
    • long
    • memo
    • percent
    • primarykey
    • short
    • string
    • time
    • timespan
    • uuid

Examples examples-9

Definition of the “serviceName” inbound setting of character string type:

<param desc="Name of the information service(s) (separated with commas)"
               name="serviceName" type="string" inout="in"/>