Introduction introduction

This section presents the procedure to be applied to upgrade Adobe Campaign, client side and server side, and describes the switching to Unicode of an existing instance.

For hosted/managed services instances, you must coordinate with your Adobe Administrator.
For on-premise instances, you can get assistance from Adobe Consultants.

The upgrade must be applied to all servers where Adobe Campaign is installed.

  1. Migrate the redirection and tracking servers (Apache/IIS).
  2. Migrate the Power Booster/Cluster servers.
  3. Migrate the marketing server.

Adobe Campaign is based on several processes executed on the server side which you will need to manipulate during updates, in particular:

  • Application server (nlserver web)
  • Delivery server (nlserver mta)
  • Redirection server (webmdl)
The client console should be on the same build as the server instance.
For more on the various Adobe Campaign processes, refer to this section.
When using the Power Booster or Power Cluster type architecture, you must apply this process to all Power Booster/Cluster servers.

If the new version involves an alteration of the database structure, we recommend restarting the servers in the following order:

  1. Application server (nlserver web),
  2. Redirection server (webmdl),
  3. Delivery server (nlserver mta).