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AB testing: Configure the deliveries in the workflow step-4--configuring-the-deliveries-in-the-workflow

Once populations are created, you can configure the deliveries. In this use case, the first two deliveries enable you to send different contents to population A and B. The third delivery is the fall-back delivery: it will be sent to the recipients who do not belong to A nor B. Its content will be calculated by a script and will be identical to either A or B, depending on which one scored the highest open rate. We need to configure a wait period for the third delivery, to find out the outcome of deliveries A and B. This is why the third delivery includes a Wait activity.

  1. Go to the Split activity and link the transition destined for population A to one of the email deliveries already in the workflow.

  2. Double-click the delivery to open it.

  3. Using the drop-down list, select the template for delivery A.

  4. Click Continue to view the delivery, then save it.

  5. Link the transition of the Split activity destined for population B to the second email delivery.

  6. Open the delivery and select the template in delivery B, then save the delivery.

  7. Link the transition destined for the remaining population to the Wait activity.

  8. Open the Wait activity and configure a 5-day waiting period.

  9. Link the Wait activity to the JavaScript code activity.

You can now create the script. Learn more.