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Temporary files temporary-files

Error messages such as the following may display (particularly in delivery logs) when the system is put into production:

Unable to rename file ‘/tmp/tmp0000.tmp’ to /usr/local/neolane/nl6/bin/…//var/XXX/mta/86510470.xml ;(errno=18, Invalid cross-device link) (iRc=-52)

The cause is as follows:

Adobe Campaign generates temporary files under /tmp, and then renames them to move them to /usr/local/neolane/nl6/var. This error occurs when both folders (/tmp and /usr/local/neolane/nl6/var, which is in fact a symbolic link to /var/nl6) correspond to different devices. The df command is used for verification.

To correct this problem, the temporary files must be generated in the same device as the destination.

For example, execute the following:

$ cd ~/nl6/var
$ mkdir tmp
$ vi ~/nl6/customer.sh

Then add:

export TMPDIR=/usr/local/neolane/nl6/var/tmp