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Creating an Experience Manager newsletter creating-an-experience-manager-newsletter

This integration can be used for example to create a newsletter in Adobe Experience Manager which will then be used in Adobe Campaign as part of an email campaign.

From Adobe Experience Manager:

  1. From your AEM author instance, click the Adobe Experience logo in the upper left side of the page and select Sites.

  2. Select Campaigns > Name of your brand (here We.Retail) > Main Area > Email campaigns.

  3. Click the Create button in the upper right side of the page then select Page.

  4. Select the Adobe Campaign Email (AC 6.1) template and name your newsletter.

  5. Once your page is created, access the Page information menu and click Open Properties.

  6. In the Cloud Services tab, select Adobe Campaign as Cloud service configuration and your Adobe Campaign instance in the second drop-down.

  7. Edit your email content by adding components, e.g. personalization fields from Adobe Campaign.

  8. When your email is ready, access the Page information menu and click Start workflow.

  9. From the first drop-down, select Publish to Adobe Campaign as workflow model and click Start workflow.

  10. Then, as the previous step, launch the Approve for Campaign workflow.

  11. A disclaimer appears on top of your page. Click Complete to confirm the review and click Ok.

  12. Click again Complete and select Newsletter approval in the Next Step drop-down.

Your newsletter is now ready and synchronized in Adobe Campaign.

From Adobe Campaign:

  1. From the Campaigns tab, click Deliveries then Create.

  2. In the Delivery template drop-down, select the Email delivery with AEM content (mailAEMContent) template.

  3. Add a Label to your delivery and click Continue.

  4. Click the Synchronize button.

    If this button does not appear in your interface, click the Properties button and select the Advanced tab. The Content editing mode field should be set to AEM with your AEM instance in the AEM account field.

  5. Select the delivery previously created in Adobe Experience Manager and click Ok.

  6. Click the Refresh content button as soon as some changes are made to your AEM delivery.

Your email is now ready to be send to your audience.