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Manage reports managing-reports

Reports based on a schema that is specific to the default Adobe Campaign recipients (nm:recipient or schema linked) must be re-developed in order to take into account the data from the custom table and its tables linked via the target mapping (see the Target mapping section).

To create new reports, refer to this section.

In some cases, you must also put new cubes that are specific to these tables into place. Cubes are detailed in this section.

The following reports are concerned:

  • Recent proposition tracking (recentPropositions): real-time proposition tracking.
  • Breakdown of opens (opensByUserAgent): opens broken down according to user software.
  • Statistics of the sharing activities (forwardActivities): analysis of sharing activities, opens and subscriptions per time period.
  • Tracking indicators (mobileAppDeliveryFeedback): tracking indicators for a delivery on a mobile application.
  • Offer analysis (offerAnalysis): offer analysis per date and channel.
  • Reactivity rate (mobileAppDistribution): reactivity rate for the latest deliveries.
  • Breakdown of subscriptions (mobileAppDistribution): breakdown of active subscriptions per mobile application.