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Get started with Adobe Campaign by consulting our intuitive step-by-step guides.

  • Privacy management: discover what Adobe Campaign Classic provides to help you with your Privacy compliance when using our service.
  • Integrating dynamic content in an email: discover the basics to get started with the integration between Campaign Classic and Target Standard.
  • Managing deliverability: learn about the concepts and best practices related to deliverability as well as the tools offered by Adobe Campaign Classic to optimize sending your deliveries.
  • Delivery best practices: learn about the best practices related to delivery design and sending with Adobe Campaign Classic.
  • Performing a build upgrade: this guide presents you the key steps and best practices to perform a build upgrade with Campaign Classic.
  • Security configuration checklist: discover key elements to check regarding security configuration and hardening for on-premise deployment

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In addition to product documentation, you can access Campaign self-help resources listed below.

Tutorial videos

Discover Adobe Campaign’s main features in video. Learn more

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Besides these short and detailed videos, you can find training courses and watch feature presentation videos on Adobe.com.

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You can also visit the Recommended Courses for Adobe Campaign Classic: courses are expertly curated collections of lessons that quickly help you gain skills and knowledge.