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Use case use-case

Create a filter on the email format of subscribers creating-a-filter-on-the-email-format-of-subscribers

This use case will show you how to create a filter to sort newsletter subscriptions based on recipient email format.

To do this, we need to use a predefined filer: these filters are linked to a document type and are accessed via the Administration > Configuration > Predefined filters node. These data filters can be used for each type of editor (or document) in the application.

Data filters are created in the same way as predefined filters, but there is an additional field to select the document type to which the filter will be applied.

Apply the following steps:

  1. Create a new filter via the Administration > Configuration > Predefined filters node.

  2. Click the Select link icon to select the concerned document:

  3. Select the subscription schema (nms:subscription) and click OK.

  4. Click Edit link to view the fields of the selected document.

    You can then view the content of the selected document:

    You can access these fields to define filter conditions in the body of the filter editor. An application filter is defined in exactly the same way as an advanced filter. See Create an advanced filter.

  5. Create a new filter on subscriptions to display only subscriptions with an undefined email format:

  6. Click Save to add a filter to the pre-defined filters for this type of list.

  7. You can now use this filter in the Subscriptions tab of the recipient profile; you can access the “Unknown email format” filter by clicking the Filters button.

    The name of the current filter is displayed above the list. To cancel the filter, click the Delete this filter icon.