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Monitor jobs execution monitoring-job-execution

You can track the execution of your import and export jobs directly from the list of import/export jobs.

  • The Journal tab lets you look at log messages concerning execution.
  • The Rejects tab contains the rejected records. See this section.

In the General tab, the Status field indicates the current status of a job.

Each status is represented by a special icon and label. The statuses and their icons are listed below:

  • Editing in progress

    Job is being created.

  • Execution in progress

    The job is being executed.

  • Cancel

    Click the Cancel button: the job in progress is cancelled.

  • Cancellation in progress

    The cancellation command has been taken into account and the job is being cancelled.

  • Pause in progress

    Click Pause: the job is being suspended.

  • Paused

    Click Pause: the job is suspended. It can be restarted by clicking Start.

  • Finished

    Execution of the job is finished.

  • Finished with error

    The job was not executed because of a technical error.

  • Server shutdown in progress

    The job in progress is interrupted because the Adobe Campaign server has shut down.