Configure the integration with Adobe Target configuring-the-integration-with-adobe-target

As a hosted or hybrid customer, reach out to your Adobe representative to configure this integration. Steps below apply to on-premise customers only.

This integration requires:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Target organizations
  • An Adobe Target rawbox specified to establish the connection with Adobe Campaign

To configure this integration in Adobe Campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud built-in package. Learn more

    This package gives you access to the shared assets via Digital Asset Manager.

  2. Enable connection via IMS (Adobe ID connection service) to use images shared via Adobe Experience Cloud in your emails. Learn more

  3. Browse to Administration > Platform > Options to configure the server and organization (Tenant) options for Adobe Target:

    • TNT_EdgeServer : Adobe Target server used for the integration. This option is already selected by default. This value corresponds to the Adobe Target Domain Server, followed by the value /m2. For example:
    • TNT_TenantName : Adobe Target Organization name. This value corresponds to the name of the Adobe Target Client.
For hybrid and hosted architectures, these options must be set on all servers, including the mid-sourcing server and the execution instance.