Configure access to Netezza configure-access-to-netezza

Use Campaign Federated Data Access (FDA) option to process information stored in an external databases. Follow the steps below to configure access to Netezza.

  1. Install and configure Netezza drivers
  2. Configure the Netezza external account in Campaign

Netezza configuration netezza-config

Connecting to a Netezza external database in FDA requires additional configurations below on the Adobe Campaign server:

  1. Install the ODBC drivers for Netezza, according to the operating system that you use:

    • nz-linuxclient-v7.2.0.0.tar.gz for Linux. Select the folder that corresponds to your operating system (linux or linux64) and start the unpack command. You can leave the installation to be carried out in the repository that is suggested by default: “/usr/local/nz”.
    • for Windows. Unzip the file and start the executable script that corresponds to your operating system: nzodbcsetup.exe or nzodbcsetup64.exe. Follow the wizard instructions to finish installing the drivers.
  2. Configure the ODBC driver. The configuration can be carried out in the standard files: /etc/odbc.ini for general parameters and /etc/odbcinst.ini for declaring drivers.

    • /etc/odbc.ini

      code language-none

      “InstallDir” corresponds to the location of the odbcinst.ini file.

    • /etc/odbcinst.ini

      code language-none
      [ODBC Drivers]
      NetezzaSQL = Installed
      Driver           = /usr/local/nz/lib/
      Setup            = /usr/local/nz/lib/
      APILevel         = 1
      ConnectFunctions = YYN
      Description      = Netezza ODBC driver
      DriverODBCVer    = 03.51
      DebugLogging     = false
      LogPath          = /tmp
      UnicodeTranslationOption = utf8
      CharacterTranslationOption = all
      PreFetch         = 256
      Socket           = 16384
  3. Specify the environment variables of the Adobe Campaign server:

    • LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /usr/local/nz/lib and /usr/local/nz/lib64. “/usr/local/nz” corresponds to the installation repository offered by default when installing the drivers. Here you need to specify the repository that you have selected for the installation.
    • ODBCINI: location of the odbc.ini file (for example /etc/odbc.ini).
    • NZ_ODBC_INI_PATH: location of the odbc.ini file. Netezza also requires this second variable for using the odbc.ini file.

Netezza external account netezza-external

The Netezza external account allows you to connect your Campaign instance to your Netezza external database.

  1. From Campaign Explorer, click Administration ‘>’ Platform ‘>’ External accounts.

  2. Click New and select External database as Type.

  3. To configure the Netezza external account, you must specify:

    • Type: Netezza

    • Server: URL of the Netezza server

    • Account: Name of the user

    • Password: User account password

    • Database: Name of the database

Operations on schemas containing automatically generated primary keys are not taken into account.
The table will be using the Organize on clause on the first index defined in the schema. As this clause is limited to 1 to 4 columns with Netezza, this index cannot contain more than 4 columns.