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SpamAssassin spamassassin

Adobe Campaign can be configured to work with SpamAssassin, a third-party service used for email spam filtering. This allows you to score emails to determine whether a message runs the risk of being considered as spam by the anti-spam tools used upon receipt.

SpamAssassin leverages a variety of spam-detection techniques, including:

  • DNS-based and fuzzy-checksum-based spam detection
  • Bayesian filtering
  • External programs
  • Denylists
  • Online databases
SpamAssassin must be installed and configured on the Adobe Campaign application server. For more on this, refer to this section.
The rules that govern whether an element is spam or not are managed via SpamAssassin and can be edited by an administrator with privileges.

Use SpamAssassin in Campaign using-spamassassin

Once you have created your email delivery and defined its content, follow the steps below to evaluate the risks.

For more on creating and designing a delivery, refer to this section.

  1. Go to the Preview tab.

  2. Select a recipient to preview your delivery.

    note note
    If you do not select a recipient, the anti-spam checking cannot be performed.
  3. A warning message gives the result of the test. If a high level of risk is detected, the following warning message is displayed:

  4. Click the Moreā€¦ link next to the warning.

  5. Select the Anti-spam checking tab.

  6. Go to the Points / Rule / Description section to view the reasons for this risk.

Each time you click the Anti-spam checking, the SpamAssassin service is called and the message is analyzed again for anti-spam detection. Make sure you changed your content before running the anti-spam analysis again.