Web tracking tag: definition web-tracking-tag-definition

A web tracking tag is simply a URL constructed with the appropriate parameters, sent to the redirection server via an HTTP query.

Format of the data to be sent format-of-the-data-to-be-sent

The format of a web-tracking URL is as follows: https://<name_of_redirection_server>:<port>/r/<random_number>?<parameters>

The random number added to the URL avoids problems caused by browsers caching web pages.

The following table gives a list of special parameters supported by the redirection server.

Session cookie
Delivery identifier and recipient identifier.
Permanent cookie
Recipient identifier (useful if session cookie is absent).
URL parameter
Identifier of tracked web page: this is the only mandatory parameter.
URL parameter
Delivery identifier to be used if there is no session cookie. This value is to be expressed in hexadecimal.
URL parameter
Parameter used to identify the internet user. The format of this parameter is "name=value", where the name is a field of the recipient schema. This parameter takes priority over the identifier contained in the session cookie.

A few web tracking URLs

  • Visit to a ‘home’ identifier page


  • Collecting business volume data


  • Specifying a field to find the recipient


    A recipient whose account number is 10 is sent to the home page.

  • Using a default delivery


    A recipient is sent to the home page. This information will be stored in the delivery with identifier 230 (e6 in database 16) unless a session cookie containing a delivery identifier is sent with this query.

All values sent to the redirection server via URL parameters must be URL encoded. In the examples given, note that the characters ‘=’ and ‘|’ are encoded as ‘%3D’ and ‘%7C’ respectively.

Data transmission methods data-transmission-methods

The following methods are possible:

  • Inserting the URL in the “src” attribute of an HTML <img> tag incorporated in the web page you wish to track.
  • Direct call to the redirection server when the web page you wish to track is generated.