Command lines command-lines

The following command lines require the ability to access the application server. For deployments hosted by Adobe, these commands can only be executed by Adobe.

Create an instance creating-an-instance

Instance creation can be executed using command lines, with the syntax:

nlserver config -addinstance:instance/masques DNS[/lang]

(where eng and fra are possible values for the [lang] parameter)

The command nlserver config -addinstance:instance1/demo*/eng enables you to create an instance called instance1 in English with the DNS mask demo*.

Declare a database declaring-a-database

You can associate an existing database with an instance from the command line by using the following syntax:

nlserver config -setdblogin:[rbdms:]account[:database][/password]@server

The following values are possible for the [rdbms] parameter:

  • postgresql: for PostgreSQL,
  • oracle: for Oracle,
  • mssql: for Microsoft SQL Server,

The following command configures the demo instance with the SQL type server known as base6, linked to the campaign account and its password on the dbsrv server:

 nlserver config -setdblogin:db:campaign:myBase/password@dbServer -instance:demo