condition element condition--element

Content model content-model-2


Attributes attributes-2

  • @boolOperator (string)
  • @enabledIf (string)
  • @expr (string)

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Children children-2


Description description-2

This element lets you define a filtering condition.

Use and context of use use-and-context-of-use-2

One <sysfiler> element can contain several filtering conditions.

Attribute description attribute-description-2

  • boolOperator (string): if several <conditions> are defined within the same <sysfilter> element, this attribute lets you combine them. By default, the logical link is between <condition> elements is “AND”. The “@boolOperator” attribute lets you combine “OR” and “AND” type links.
  • enabledIf (string): condition activation test.
  • expr (string): an XTK expression.

Examples examples-2

  <condition enabledIf="hasNamedRight('admin')=false" expr="@city=[currentOperator/location/@city]" />