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Database database

The database server can run on any given operating system regardless of the operating system used by the application server or servers, as long as there is network connectivity between them.

The operating system of the database server is not important so long as connectivity with the different components of Adobe Campaign is available.

Also check the Database access layers section.

Microsoft SQL Server microsoft-sql-server

The native client must be installed on the Adobe Campaign application servers.

You can check for the native client on the server via the ODBC driver configuration panel, under SQL Server Native Client 11.0.

The following access DLL must be present: sqlncli11.dll.

Access DLLs are found on the Microsoft website.

Access to Microsoft SQL Server from an application server running in Linux is not supported.

Oracle oracle

Column names with multi-byte characters are not supported.

The NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET and NLS_CHARACTERSET parameters need to be correctly properly configured in order for the database to work in Unicode or ANSI.

Adobe Campaign uses default Oracle encoding. Using other encoding may trigger compatibility issues: in this case, please contact technical support.

To find out about your encoding, use the following sqlplus command:

SELECT * FROM nls_database_parameters ;
  • For a Unicode installation, the encodings supported are:

    code language-none
  • For an ANSI installation (non-unicode), only the following encoding is supported:


To log on to sqlplus, use the Oracle user profile:

su - oracle
[login] [password]

You can also refer to Oracle Client in Linux.

PostgresSQL postgressql

We recommend that you install the UTF-8 support when installing the database engine. This way you will be able to create Unicode databases.

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