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The <compute-string> element enables you to generate a string based on an XTK expression to display a “built” label in the interface based on several values.

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When no <compute-string> is defined, a <compute-string> element is entered by default with the values of the primary key in the schema.

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  • expr (string): XTK and/or Xpath expression

Examples examples-1

<compute-string expr="@label + Iif(@code='','', ' (' + [folder/@label] + ')')"/>
<compute-string expr="ToString([@centralCatalog-id]) + ',' + ToString([@localOrgUnit-id])" />

Result of the string calculated on a recipient: “John Doe (”:

<element name="recipient">
<compute-string expr="@lastName + ' ' + @firstName +' (' + @email + ')'