About SFTP management about-sftp-management

In the Control Panel, you can interact with all SFTP servers that are connected to Campaign instances that you have access to. Most instances have connected SFTP servers (in some cases, development and stage instances may not be connected to any SFTP servers).

Access to SFTP servers is made using a SFTP client software, which you can find and download online. In order to connect to a server, either through such client application or an API, you must set up public SSH key and add the IP address that connects to your SFTP server to the allow list.

The Control panel lets you perform the actions below to manage your SFTP servers:

  • Monitor their storage capacity,
  • Manage IP addresses allow listing: add or delete IP addresses ranges for one or several servers,
  • Manage public SSH keys to access your severs.

Detailed information on each of these actions is available in the sections below.