Identify key contacts and events keycontacts-events

Service Calendar is available in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice.

To effectively monitor your Campaign instances, it is crucial to keep track of important events that can potentially impact your instance(s). The Control Panel allows you to identify events like new releases, upgrades, patches, hot fixes, etc. and provides a list of key Adobe contacts for any requests or issues.

This information is accessible from the Service Calendar card on Control Panel homepage.

Key contacts key-contacts

The Key contacts section lists the persons at Adobe that you can contact for any request or issue on your instances.

This section only shows information for Managed Service Accounts.

Key contacts include the following roles:

  • TAM: Technical Account Manager,
  • CSM: Customer Success Manager,
  • Deliverability: point of contact for deliverability operations,
  • Transition Manager: Managed Services Transition Manager (Managed Services Account only),
  • On-boarding Specialist: Specialist assigned to the account to help you on-board onto Campaign Classic (Managed Services Account only).

Keep track of important events events

The Service Event Calendar section shows all past and upcoming releases, as well as alerts users subscribed to in Control Panel email alerts. In addition, Control Panel enables users to set reminders and flag relevant events for the selected instance for them to be better organized and be efficient.

Events are displayed either in a calendar or a list. You can switch between the two views using the Calendar and List buttons in the upper-right corner of the section.

In calendar view, navigation buttons are available in the upper-right corner to help you browse across the events. Use the double arrows to navigate to the first event present after/before the selected month, and the single arrows to navigate from a month to another. Click the circle button to go back to today's view.

Three types of events are displayed:

  • Reminders are set by users in order to be notified before an event occurs. These are shown in green in the calendar view. Learn how to set reminder

  • Alerts are sent via email by the Control Panel to notify users of issues on their instances, such as storage overload or SSL certificate expiration. These are displayed in orange in the calendar view. The event description specifies whether the alert is sent to the logged-in user, depending on their subscription to email alerts. Learn more on Control Panel email alerting capabilities

  • Releases indicate both past and upcoming deployments to the instance, shown respectively in grey and blue in the calendar view. The event details specify the type of release associated with each deployment:

    • General availability: Latest available stable build.
    • Limited availability: On-demand deployment only.
    • Release candidate: Engineering validated. Waiting for production proofing.
    • Pre release: Earlier availability for specific customer needs.
    • No longer available: The build holds no major issue but a new one is available with additional bug fixes. An upgrade is required.
    • Deprecated: Build embedding known regressions. The build is no longer supported. An upgrade is mandatory.

You can assign a flag to one or several upcoming events to keep track of them. To do this, click the ellipsis button next to the event name.

Set reminders reminders

With Service Calendar, you can set reminders in order to be notified by email before an event is going to occur.

In order to be notified about upcoming events, make sure you have subscribed to email alerts in Control Panel. Learn more

To set an alert for an event, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the event that you want to be reminded of or click the ellipse button in the list view and select Set Reminder.

  2. Give a title to the reminder and select the date at which you want to be notified before the event occurs.

    note note
    If you have not subscribed to Control Panel alerts, a message will display and allow you to enroll to receive email notifications.
  3. The reminder is now set for the selected event. You can hover over it at any time to display its title.

    note note
    You can set up to 2 reminders for the same event.
  4. On the date specified in the reminder, an email will be sent to notify you about the upcoming event, and the reminder will automatically be removed from the Reminders count in the Service Calendar menu.