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About TXT records about

TXT records are a type of DNS records used to provide text information about a domain, that can be read by external sources. Control Panel allows you to add three types of records to your subdomains:

  • Google TXT records allow you to attest that you own your domain, ensuring high inbox rates and low spam rates for your emails. Learn how to add Google TXT records
  • DMARC records provide a way to authenticate the sender’s domain and prevent unauthorized use of the domain for malicious purposes. Learn how to add DMARC records
  • BIMI records allow you to display an approved logo next to your emails in mailbox providers’ inboxes to enhance brand recognition and trust. Learn how to add BIMI records

Monitor your subdomains’ records monitor

You can monitor all the TXT records that have been added for each subdomain by accessing the subdomains’ details.

In this screen, all the TXT-type records for the selected subdomain display, with information in the “Value” column on their configuration. To delete a Google TXT, DMARC or BIMI record, click the ellipsis button then select Delete. You can also edit DMARC and BIMI records if necessary.